My name is Margherita, but everyone calls me Maggie-chan! I am a digital tinkerer passionate about user experience, illustration and ramen.

My background is in architecture, but I love to work in the intersection between design and tech reason for which I found my sweet spot in UX UI Design.
I don't have a linear approach to projects, because my educational and professional path has not been linear.

Curiosity is the driver of everything I do and I like to be challenged by uncomfortable situations because are the ones that make you learn and grow the most.

Do you have a challenge for me? 

さようなら Sayōnara! 

Thanks for reading it all through! Let me give you a virtual HIGH FIVE
All projects were made with ♥ and (lots of) caffeine. All screenshots © of the respective owners. Copyright © 2020 Margherita Gazzola

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