You may know about the terrible 6.2 magnitudo earthquake occured on the 24th of August: it struck in the middle of the night hitting Central Italy, destroying Amatrice, Accumuli and Arcuata del Tronto and killing over 290 people.
So when I was asked to design a camp bookcase to support schools reconstruction, I was very happy to help and to give somehow my contribution. The design is very simple and functional : we had to structure it in joinable modules easy to transport and to assemble. Moreover, the bookcase had to be slightly raised from the ground because humidity and water are one of the main problem in emergency makeshift camp. Then, we imagined how we could assemble two bookcase modules in order to have bigger and stable bookcases. 
The foundation "Aiutiamoli a vivere" is now preparing some prototypes that will be send as soon as possible.

Image above:  "Mickey Mouse and the Earthquake"