Professional work - Interior design

My role: assistant architect

Our client wanted an open and flexible space where she could spend time to relax and eventually host her sons with their families. In order to do that, we first had to reinforce the existing roof structure, built in 1604; then we had to understand how to deal with the presence of three wood beams placed at different heights and interaxes that where interrupting the continuity of the space. The design proposed mantains the continuity of the garrett which, however has been structured in three different spaces: the sleeping area raised 1 meter above the floor, the living area and the bathroom.

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The sleeping area is a sort of box that hides the second and third beam of the roof structure. In this way, it was possible to have a sleeping area raised from the ground, separeted from the living area. Moreover, it provides storage space right underneath it.

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The living area is basically empty and partly interrupted by the existing wood beam. It's an extremly flexible space that can be used to let kids play when it's rainy outside or simply where you can host other persons. Lots of natural light is provided by the existing triangle window plus an additional skylight that has been built specifically for the roof maintenance.


The garret is entirely covered with wood panels. We chose larch wood because its lighter color contrasts with the existig structure in walnut wood. The paving still be in larch but it has been coated with beeswax to protect it from usury giving a reddish shade to the pavement.