2013 - on going

Illustration design

Awards: The Vizzies 2016 contest

In 2013 I've started collaborating with physicists and researchers from Harvard University, MIT (Boston, MA) and Nice University (France) in the context of scientific divulgation and visualization : my goal is to make their researches easily understandable to everyone who's curious about science through my illustrations and graphic design.
Some of my sketches have been published on world leading jurnals such as NATURE PHYSICS, PNAS and SCIENCE. Moreover, one of my sketches has been selected as finalist illustration for the 2016 VIZZIES contest. 

Phototactic guidance of a tissue-engineered soft-robotic ray

This study is but a first step in engineering multilevel systems that link neuro-dynamics, mechanics, and complex controllable gaits-coupling sensory information to motor coordination and movement that leads to behavior. This work paves the way for the development of autonomous and adaptive artificial creatures able to process multiple sensory inputs and produce complex behaviors in distributed systems and may represent a path toward soft-robotic “embodied cognition”.
The goal was to translate the complexity behind this project through simple and clear graphic design.
*acks: image courtesy of Karaghen Hudson; video courtesy of Science



When threatened, small fish exhibit a carefully choreographed and precisely timed escape motion: the C-start. By bending into a ‘C’ shape, they entrap with their body a large mass of water, which is then pushed downstream with a tail flip, imparting impressive accelerations to the fish.
 I illustrate this dynamic process via a single image to enhance visual impact. The central piece is a hand-sketched fish, that seamlessly merges with the title, emphasizing the role of the ‘C’. 
acks: video curtesy of Mattia Gazzola