Master thesis project

Landscape architecture 

I approached this project first as a citizien and then as an architect. In fact, it regards the city where I live, Galliate, a small town in Piedmont where the actual railtrack is supposed to be displaced outside the urban area to strenghten the connections between Torino and Malpensa. The new infrastructure - as it has been designed - will cause many problems to landscape ecology and the territory fruition. In fact, our landscape is already highly fragmented by the heavy infrastructural system and with the new railway it would be like having a city walled-in by the infrastructures.
This is why I've decided to work on the existing railtrack that, instead of being dismissed, it could be used as the spine of an alternative soft-mobility system that will sew up all the fragments produced by the "heavy" one.


(if you can't see the book, click HERE!)

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