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Kubik Online is a media planning software used to define television commercial strategies. The dynamics behind this software are extremely complex, but, long story short, it shows all the available commercials slots that can be booked by media planners according to the brand strategy.


Year: 2017-2018
Role: UX UI Design and FE Management
Tasks: User Research / Testing, Wireframing and UI Development
Company: Next14

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Main working area  // screens from the original software developed by Mediasoft

Main working area  // screens from the original software developed by Mediasoft


Same working area reorganized for the online version of Kubik



Kubik Legacy  has been developed over 20 years ago, but it still be the only software available to plan tv commercials advertising in the Italian market. Nevertheless, Mediasoft - the software house that first developed Kubik Legacy - decided to update it in order to create an online service, called Kubik Online. 
We worked as a team of designer and developers to create the online version of Kubik: we decided to create a distinctive look, starting from its branding. Considering the theme (television advertising) and the challenge given by the complexity of the project - both in terms of development and stakeholders - we took inspiration from the Landing on the Moon - which was one of the most followed ever mediatic moment in the history of television.

moon landing : kubik

► Moon Landing: one of the most important mediatic moment in  modern history

Illustrazione Ufo Pizza
Illustrazione Cornetto
Illustrazione Locked
Illustrazione Help

► Some of hte Illustrations and icons designed ad hoc for the platform



My role was to redefine not only the overall outlook of the platform, but above all to study, understand and implement improved user flows that would help to adopt the new version of the service. I worked on the platform since its first concepts until its release in June 2018, which allowed me to follow the first lifecycle of the project.
The project face many challenges: first of all, understanding such a complex and entropic world in order to redefine users’ flows. In fact, while interviewing different users from different media agencies, we discovered that there was no unique approach working with Kubik Legacy. There were just few common patterns: we worked on those as our core structure allowing then users to customize the enviroment according to their specific workflows.

Kubik Online UserFlow v1.0



The second main challenge was the complete redesign of the software that has always lacked in readability and usability because of all the informations that need to be visualized in just one interface. We worked a lot on colors, font sizes and readability in order to keep all the necessary informations while still having a clean and easy to use interface. Beside that, we worked on every touch point with our users: from onboarding email to tutorials on how to use the new system. Kubik Online is in its beta testing phase and many important companies (both media agencies and media owners) are using it and testing it. We keep working towards the second phase of the project collecting feedbacks and improving our users experience with Kubik Online.

Users GroupM – mono
Users Discovery – mono
Users Dentsu – mono
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Users – Rai – mono
Users – Mediaset – mono

One more icon, one more project!

The Vizzies 2016Scientific Illustration / MIT - Cambridge (USA)

Kubik OnlineUX UI Design & Development / Milan - Italy

My Care MateUX UI Design / FDA - Italy

StopMyCravingBrand Design / London + H-Farm

Cyborg RayScientific Illustration / Harvard - Cambridge (USA)

Paper2TreeBrand & Web Design / UIUC - Urbana (USA)

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